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Hey guys, I recently just did an interview with one of my friends (she is the owner of the blog: where I talked about my hair journey. I decided that sharing some of the excerpts from interview with you guys would be a great way of introducing what might soon  become a Natural hair blog *fingers crossed* hope you enjoy!

Rocking my beautiful fro.
Same Fro! just with a smile 🙂










PS: I will leave the link below in case there are people who want to read the full interview (with my sister and I)

  • Have you been natural all your life? If not, please tell us how and why you decided to go natural

I was natural for the first six (6) years of my childhood, but decided against it because all the ‘cool’ kids had perms lol! I decided to go natural again when I came to the states to school. I had braids in for a while and after I took it out I noticed the growth in my hair!! At that point I was already accustomed to the life of watching YouTube videos and had seen all these people who started their ‘natural hair’ journey!! I was excited! (Obviously) and anyone who knows me knows that I am the type of person to experiment with these types of things…So I took the plunge and it has been a wonderful journey so far…no regrets!

  • Tell us about your Big Chop Day or if you transitioned, about your transition journey.

I started transitioning, but I got really restless (patience is not my strongest virtue when it comes to things I am excited about!) I wanted to do crazy/fun things to/with my hair like gauge the curl patterns (like all the other natural hair enthusiasts out there) have length checks, and also use the natural hair lingo (without feeling pretentious, you know what I mean) so I decided once again to take the plunge (if you haven’t already noticed I take plunges pretty often!) I had my big chop on the 17th of March 2013 (so I have been fully natural for two (2) years now) during my spring break. I was talking with friends and then I just blurted out that I was ready to cut my hair ( I was ridiculously scared by the way, I just had to flex a little and not fall my own hand by backing down) so my twin sister and two (2) of my other friends chopped it all off!

This was the first picture I took right afer my big chop in 2012.
  • When you have your natural hair out/when you first went natural, is/was there a reaction from family or friends, especially those from the same country you’re from and/or when you go back to your home country (if applicable)

Girl! Everyone thought I was crazy!…I just thought I was crazy beautiful (I am not that person I promise!… I just had a new found confidence) my parents loved it though, my dad thought it was a better option to save money, little did he know that it would probably be more expensive. My mom on the other hand, has always cut her hair (which she perms and by cut I mean low, low cut) any way she loved it especially when I had them in little twists lol! She thought I looked super cool

  • What recent issues have you had with your hair and how are you resolving/have you resolved them?

It kept breaking for a while but I resolved that by trimming it. I honestly don’t have as much time for my hair as I would love too, so I usually just put them in protective styles like braids or weaves.

  • What made you decide to take your healthy hair journey seriously and how’s it going so far?

Once I commit to something, I go all in, so the decision to take my healthy hair journey seriously came with deciding to go natural in the first place. So far it has been going well. Are there days when I want to just burn my hair? Yes!! Definitely, but I assure you those days are becoming less and less and I have grown to love and respect it (yes I respect my hair lol)

  • What do you think of this new era were in, where many more ladies are big chopping/transitioning and embracing their natural hair?

This is a wonderful era, and I hope it isn’t just a fad (do people still use that word?) that transitions out because that would be a shame. I love that we are all embracing our natural hairs and I am hopeful for the future

  • What’s your typical, current hair regime-wash days, styling, protective styles…

My hair is always protected, I hardly have it in its natural state because I am in my senior year in uni and to be honest it’s not really practical to have my hair out. I am too busy to take care of it properly and I can be called for an interview anytime and I want to look my possible best (as sad as that sounds, it is the truth) also I am in Michigan where it snows 9 months out of the year (yeah it is brutal!!) and my hair would not survive it. I co-wash every other day when I my hair is out and I also use Shea butter (which I make) and oils such as Argan, Jojoba, olive etc. for my edges, I use argan edge control.

I decided to rock afro puffs for a Friday afternoon.


These are just some of the many styles i do when i straighten my hair (which isn’t often)
  • What are your three favorite things about your hair?
  • My curls
  • My shrinkage
  • My length and future lengths lol
  • How do you feel about shrinkage and how do you deal with it?

I love shrinkage actually because I barely know what to do to my hair when it’s blown out. With shrinkage, I can rock a cool fro!

My first attempt at a wash and go.
  • What are your favorite hair products so far?

I only use curls unleashed products, which can be a little expensive but you know your girl has to have a backup plan!! Burt bees! (they are like $6).  *Added in this post: I just bought Cantu products and they are affordable and my hair loves it a lot!!! so excited!!*

  • What are your favorite protective styles?

Two strand twists, braids, weaves

  • What 3 pieces of vital advice would you leave to other naturals?
  • Love yourself
  • Love your hair
  • Listen to your hair

At the risk of sounding pretentious, I really have to stress the importance these three (3) things as they are very vital; if you do not love yourself everything else just doesn’t work. Also you have to love and listen to your hair; we tend to get frustrated when our hair doesn’t cooperate with us, just go with the flow and if you still feel irritated maybe you should just tie up your hair and call it a day! Come back to it when you are in a better mood and you will see how amazing the results are.

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