Wai So Earthy

I put this outfit together because I wanted to work with the colors of similar palettes (earthy hues). The ensemble is plain and simple which is also another reason why I love this look. I really just wanted to feel pretty while trying to not overdo it and I captured that feeling with this look.


Once the outfit came together, I decided I wanted my pictures taken in a similar hue. I did not want to lose the essence of the ensemble by going somewhere scenic. “Plain ole bare trees would just have to cut it” I told myself and it worked! We shot at the Nature Preserve at Calvin College (my alma mater) and it just felt nice coming back to a familiar place. Even though I’m on campus quite often, I don’t get to visit these places.


Simple is what this outfit is, yet it can be made simpler or even dressed up depending on the style or mood (if you are like me) of the person wearing it. For a casual look I would suggest wearing minimal jewelry and makeup and switching out the heels for a pair of flats or sneakers (if you are feeling a bit adventurous). While for a more dressy outfit you could play around with your hair and makeup (maybe a bold red lip?) and statement jewelry.


Again, I was going for simple which is why I didn’t accessorize with a bag or jewelry, and why I had little to no makeup on.  I hope this helped 🙂



What I’m wearing 

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: H&M

Sandals: JC Penny 

Photographer: Snvroy 


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