Natural Hair 101: The Transition

Going Natural can be intimidating [No lye ;)] especially if you have to do the big chop. Transitioning, rather than cutting off a chunk of your hair, is a great way to go about it; unfortunately, it can also be very confusing and frustrating if you do not have guidance.

So let’s jump right in.

1. The first step is to stop putting chemicals in your hair. As obvious as it sounds, some people still feel like they can texturize their hair just so it is easier to deal with; NO, do not do it!

2. No Heat-This means no flat iron or blow dryers (It’s hard, I know, but you have to pull through baby girl).

– Practice Patience 😉 let your hair air dry.

– Heat prevents your hair from growing, and the straight ends will not go curly which essentially defeats the whole purpose of going natural in the first place. My suggestion would be to wear wigs as often as you can if you want straight hair.

3. Find products that work for your hair. Start Cheap, that way if you don’t like a product you can easily switch it out.

Products I recommend you should have as a beginner;

– sulfate free shampoo: Great for natural hair

– Conditioner: Because who doesn’t use conditioner

– Regular Shampoo: Although the craze for sulfate free products is still there, I believe that sometimes our hair just needs that extra cleanliness. And sulfate does that just well!

– Styling Products: gels, cream soufflé’s etc. they help with keeping a hold on your hair when you style.

– Oils: different oils have different functions. I would suggest doing a bit of research.

– Deep Conditioner: This helps strengthen your hair as you transition

4. Keep your Scalp Clean and your hair moisturized.

– if your scalp gets too dirty, your pores can begin to get clogged.

– Dry hair often leads to breakage. Water is really the best moisturizer but you can seal the moisture in by using oils.


Styling tools and Products

5. Wrap up your hair at night. Use a satin Bonnet or pillowcase, cotton breaks the hair

6. Have your go-to transitioning styles. You can do Bantu knots, twist outs,twists, or even protective styles like braids or weaves. Do not make them too tight cause you have to protect your edges girl! Also, I would suggest that if you get a sew in, do not leave a portion of your hair out because you will want to straighten it and that’s bad for you honey.






Bantu Knot out

7. When washing your hair, divide into sections. This really helped make the detangling process easy for me, plus it made me use less of the products more efficiently (less is more)

8. Only detangle your hair when wet to avoid breaking your hair.

9. Do not use a towel to dry your hair. Your hair can get stuck in the fiber of the towel which can cause split ends. Use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt ( your hair is wet so cotton is fine)

10. Have fun! relax and be patient. Natural hair doesn’t grow overnight, it takes time and a lot of care!



A year and a half later I finally began to see growth 😀



PS: I can do a post of the different essential oils and what functions they have on the hair/body. If you would love to see that, comment below!



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  1. I transitioned as well but didn’t know it was called transitioning at the time. I mainly had my hair in braids and didn’t take care of my hair while I was transitioning. I knew I wasn’t relaxing my hair anymore but I didn’t know anything about online content to help me manage my hair.

    I started using a sulcate-free clarifying shampoo (Giovanni) because I realised that a normal sulphate-free shampoo wasn’t working for me when I had a lot of build-up. Now, I’m trying the Sheamoisture Jamaican Black shampoo because I read that, it clarifies well too.

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    1. Warami says:

      Thank you for sharing! I wasn’t really aware of the terms back then, I knew they existed but I never really knew what anything meant until I started to do research! I definitely switch between products now to get the best results for my hair!


  2. Yes please- to the oil post. Currently transitioning also and I’m loving it at the moment. I get to style my hair in different ways. Currently into oils. Coconut oil is my fave.I basically use it for everything!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Warami says:

      Thank you for commenting! I will definitely be doing the oil post as soon as I can. I hope you continue to make the journey to healthy hair (be it natural or relaxed)! Coconut oil is bae ❤️


  3. Neto *Marilyn* says:

    Omg yessssss I needed this baby girl. I’m finally going to the bright side and I had no idea how to transition. It’s hard cause I look at my hair daily trying to figure out what to do or products to put in it. Please do one for oils


  4. Neto Ubajaka says:

    Omg yessss I needed this😩😩. I finally decided to go to the bright side and be natural in November but it was been a real struggle. I’ve never been one to take care of my hair but this transition is really taking a tol on me. I never know what to do or what products to use. Please do one on oils. I already use coconut oil but I’m sure there are other good ones I know nothing about.Thank you boo

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    1. Warami says:

      Hey girl, I’m glad this helped you! I will definitely do the oil post sometime soon. 😊


  5. okaileyO says:

    Great post Warami! Do you mind if i reblog this?

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    1. Warami says:

      Not at all! Please do share 😊


      1. okaileyO says:

        Thank you!😊


  6. okaileyO says:

    Reblogged this on CROWNED.WITH.KINKS and commented:
    I have had ladies come up to me asking for hair care tips as they transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. I transitioned for four months and did the ‘big chop’ after I got impatient and wanted to deal with only one texture. During the four months I wore a protective style with hair extensions majority of the time while I read natural hair blogs to read more on what I was getting myself into.

    If you are currently transitioning or thinking about returning natural, this is the best time to do all the research you can do on natural hair before taking the plunge. You can start by checking out Warami’s post on transitioning. Enjoy!

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    1. Warami says:

      Aww thanks girl!


  7. Funny how I when I went natural I never used conditioner! How on earth did I survive.

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