Sleeveless Flannel & Crop Top

This shoot taught me a lot about posture when taking pictures. My photographer was not playing any games. He really wanted me to learn how to stand tall and lift my head. We talked about confidence a lot and I am glad that I learned all that I did.


I had fun taking these pictures, and the outfit was really comfortable. It can be worn anywhere ; on the go, to a house party (I think) etc.DSC01677

My twin sister was on the scene (as she always is) supporting me. She has been a real blessing to me throughout this journey and I wanted to have the opportunity to give her a shout out. She is always at every shoot  helping with the lighting works, correcting my mistakes, and encouraging me to do better. I am so grateful for her! Unfortunately, she is moving away from me (to the east coast) and I don’t know what I’m going to do without her 😦





Thank You

What I’m Wearing:
Crop top: H&M Divided
Sleeveless Flannel: Forever 21
Pants: Top Shop
Shoes: Converses
Watch: Casio

Photographer: Addottey


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