Essential Oils

There are different types of essential oils that can be used for the hair, and they all serve different functions. Today, we would be looking into the benefits of some of these oils to our hair and skin. This would act as a guide to everyone looking to start using oils but don’t know where to start.

Before I dive into the oil types and functions, I have a few tips I would like to share.

Tip #1: use cold pressed virgin oil because processed oils loose nutrients. (for those of you who do not know what cold pressed oil means, here  is a good explanation of it)

Tip #2: the thicker your hair, the thicker the oils you can use and vice versa

Tip #3: if you want to warm the oils before using them, I suggest that you put the bottle of oil in a bowl of hot water rather than microwave it.

Now to the oils;
1. BJCO (Black Jamaican Castor Oil) is thick and gives the hair body which is why many people swear by it for their edges. It moisturizes the hair and helps prevent split

2. Safflower Oil also aids hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles to nourish them

3. Almond oil acts as a sealant and is a good choice for post-conditioning, It helps keep in nutrients for absorption

4. Coconut oil is light and easily absorbed (which is why some people think it doesn’t work) It actually just seeps in fast and starts working. It deep conditions the scalp and prevents dandruff. It is great for on the go moisturizing

5. Olive Oil is the holy grail for conditioning. It is a great moisturizer and works well in hair masks and deep conditioning treatments. It helps with controlling frizz and increasing shine and has antioxidants that can help with hair loss.

6. Argan Oil is used to treat skin infections and rashes. It is a natural moisturizer for the skin and the hair

7. Jojoba oil has the most similarity to the natural oil produced by our hair (Sebum). This means that it contains a lot of fatty acids. It also contains vitamin A, B1,2 & 6 and E. it helps control dandruff and strengthens the hair

8. Avocado oil has a lot of nutrients which is great for natural hair. It contains vitamin A, B6, D & E. It also has amino and fatty acids in it. It is good for deep conditioning, and moisturizing as it helps to improve the strength of your hair while increasing the shine.

9. Castor oil works well at both ends of the hair, at the ends, it helps with preventing split ends while at the scalp it helps with moisturizing and improving the circulation which ultimately leads to healthy hair.

10. Canola Oil is used to control frizz and breakage. It is a cheap option when looking for oils to use.
I hope this helped!



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  1. ToneeBoneeAphro says:

    Thanks for the tip


    1. Warami says:

      You are welcome! Thanks for reading 😊

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