Good vs God

“It doesn’t matter how good something looks. If it’s not from God, it is not good. Every good and perfect gift is from above, there is absolutely nothing good in your life that does not come from God.” John Bevere 

 I was having a conversation with one of my friends about what it means to be good versus what it means to be godly, and if the two were mutually exclusive. Could we be good without being godly? And vice versa? Another aspect we talked about was what this meant in our dating lives. Should we settle for a good guy, or do we want a godly guy? and what exactly is the difference between both of these guys anyway?  

We read through the book of 1 Samuel and we realized the difference between Saul and David. Although they were both Kings of Israel at some point, one was said to be a good man while the other a godly man after God’s heart. We see in Chapter 9 vs 16b God says “and you shall anoint him commander over my people Israel…” God never anointed Saul as King, he anointed him as a ruler, a commander but David, He anointed as king (Chapter 16 vs 1- ” I have provided myself a king among his sons”). 

Good is to be morally right while godly is to live a God-fearing life. It is not enough to live a morally right life, we have to walk in continuous obedience and respect of God and His laws over our lives. We cannot pick and choose what we should obey and neither should we let society do that for us instead we should look to God.

If I am being quite honest, this topic really stresses me out. I don’t feel like I am fully equipped with the word to tackle this, I mean there are so many preachers and authors out there that have probably done a better job at explaining and delving into the topic but I’ve decided to take a go at it and maybe someone somewhere might be impacted. 


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