Cool Stories

Testimonies (a narration of the awesome things that God has done in your life, or the life of someone you know) are a great way to learn from others and grow spiritually. I have noticed that the more I hear people’s crazy, outrageously cool stories of what God has done, I feel so much more encouraged and I often apply their strategies into my own spiritual life.


I have been looking for a while now, a way to make my blog interactive, especially with the devotions (which is why I haven’t been posting as much in this category) cause I didn’t want to just preach to/at you all.


My friend and I came up with this really  great idea to have people share their stories of how God had touched their lives in one way or another. we decided to call the testimonies “Cool Stories” which is essentially what it is. they are cool and amazing stories that the world needs to hear or read in this case 😉


Any and everyone can send in their stories. It can be a deep, personal, short, heartfelt, or long story it doesn’t really matter! I wanted to create a platform where people are not afraid to share and hopefully, someone can be blessed by them.


PS: You can decide to be anonymous if that makes you feel better, but I would be using only first names (or nicknames) when I publish each story.


send your testimony/cool story to


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