Noting the Little Things

“Recently I realized God pays attention to the littlest details of our lives, even the ones that don’t make any sense. I was traveling to Nigeria to visit my family and had only three days till my flight. Just as I packed my last suitcase, I remembered I was to order an important package for my mom a week ago. I ordered the package immediately. However, the website stated the package would be arriving in 5 days. I was about to go into a panic when I thought to ask God to help expedite the shipping process. I thought of how ridiculous my request was but decided to have faith. Two days after my order, I came home after a morning exercise to meet a box in front of my door. It was my mom’s package. I couldn’t believe God heard me. That little encounter made me feel special and it made me wonder how many cool things God does for us through the day that goes unnoticed.”

Wai’s Words:

Do you have a “ridiculous” request big or small you are believing God for? Use this testimony as a point of contact in your prayers and believe God will come through for you!


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  1. Mide says:

    I’m exactly in this same situation right now. I’m actually gonna key into this testimony and I’m gonna believe in God for my package to come through as well before I leave The States

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