Trusting God Through the Storms

“I chose this particular testimony because this was one of my first major manifestations of God’s glory.

It happened sometime last year when I was writing one of my major exams(Anatomy) in medical school. Without passing that particular course, there was no moving forward for me in medical school.

It was a huge challenge for me because I had 3 chances to take the course and I had failed my first & second chances. I was hanging on to the last chance and was almost losing hope but one thing I never did was give up and I guess that was the lesson God was trying to teach me at that period, ‘DO NOT GIVE UP’.

I had about 120 topics to read for that particular course, the topic list is actually numbered from numbers 1-40 but each number has 3 topics in it which make it 120 topics altogether, I hope I’m making sense lol and the student gets to pick just one topic randomly, similar to a raffle draw, from numbers 1-40. So there’s a huge possibility of picking a topic you hadn’t studied or weren’t too strong in.

So the time came for me to go for my 3rd chance, I was exhausted of course because I had been reading for just one course for more than a month so you can imagine how monotonous that must have been for me and I still hadn’t even gone through all the topics.

Two days before the exam I had a dream and in the dream, I dreamt about a particular topic and I just believed that was the topic God wanted me to revise, so I revised just that topic before the exam and lo and behold when I got to the exam, I picked that particular topic that I had seen in my dream and God still did it for me by giving me a really patient and nice examiner and that was the end of that horrible course for me.

Another thing God did for me during that period was He sent helpers to me, I had people who gave their time to tutor me, cook for me, encourage me etc.

Lessons I learned, do not give up and keep trusting God no matter what.”

Wai’s Words:

Do you struggle with failing? Are you doing your best and wondering why God isn’t doing the rest? I implore you today to not give up! Don’t let time make you doubt what God told you would happen, use this testimony as a point of contact for your own awaited testimony!

Our God is on the throne yesterday, today, and forever!



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  1. odinaka1994 says:

    Lovely testimony 🙏🏾

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  2. Sounds like my university too! lol…it can be difficult.
    Thank God for you. 👏🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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