Patience in the Process

“Mid May this year I left my job at Tim Hortons because I was frustrated and didn’t like it. I started looking for another job, at this point in my life I was frustrated because I remember going for countless interviews, and I never got even one call back. I didn’t still give up because I knew Gods plan for me was better, then I finally got a job of my choice where it was little stress but at the same time fun. I was so excited I called my dad and friends excited that I finally got a job, I couldn’t stop thanking God.

Three days after I got a call from my boss that they will be closing the store, I was like NO way after I said thank you, God, why will you do this to me. Are you truly there?? I was back to frustration, this time, was worse because I hate being idle. 

One afternoon I got a call from a store asking me to come for an interview. I didn’t even remember applying for the job, but I went anyways. I didn’t really prepare because it was going to be like others, on my way to the interview I came across a previous testimony on this blog and it really touched me,  I had faith in God.

The interview went pretty well, expected their call after 3 days no call. I cried to God that I am not happy, and why is it not answering my prayers. Immediately after my conversation with God, I got a call from the manager that I got the job. I was so excited and couldn’t stop thanking God. It feels like the perfect Job with little stress way better than my last job. I am really grateful.

God doesn’t say no, he just gives you something better or he knows it’s not good for you. Also, sometimes he delays so you can humble yourself and trust him more. I pray anyone seeking employment will get one in no time.”

Wai’s Words:

I know that a lot of people are in the season of looking for jobs and waiting for God to come through in our lives. Don’t waste this period being angry or discouraged, instead stay steadfast on God’s word and He will surely come through for you.


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