All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Him.

“So my cool story is one for the books!
In the U.S. as an international student, after each degree you earn, you are given a year of Optional Training (if you aren’t STEM) also known as OPT, a one-year work permit. Of course, there are restrictions and deadlines. You can apply for the OPT exactly 90 days prior to the last final exam in college and exactly 60 days after.

Due to various reasons, I was unable to apply for mine till the 58th day after my last final. Yes, I cut it way too close. The thing I didn’t know, however, is that if you’re applying around the 60th date, your application MUST get to the USCIS office by the 60th day. Needless to say, mine didn’t! It ended up getting there 2 days after the deadline. I was mortified!

To cut the very long story short, I cried to God, and to the amazement of every single person who knew my situation God gave me my OPT and I cannot thank him enough! I currently have a job in DC and I’m happy I held onto him.

I don’t want you to think that it was an easy journey. I cried a lot, I was frustrated with myself, I was angry at my DSO and extremely frustrated with the system, and with God. The faith journey took about 3 months and I’m thankful for both my parents, my sisters, my boyfriend, and a few of the friends who knew my situation. They were all very supportive and held me up with the word of God anytime I fell into self-pity and doubt. 
In the end, it was a beautiful victory, and I give all glory to God! All of it belongs to him and him alone.

PS: to give you some context as to how serious this was, at some point during the ordeal, I was told I had to leave the country in two days. Please, where did they think I was going to find ticket money and pack everything I own in such little time. Hian! There is God o!

“WOW!!!!!! Amazing!!!!! I am very surprised, Laju, you are getting your EAD card. It has not yet arrived. I will let you know as soon as it does. WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!” – DSO email to me.

Stand steadfast on Gods word and the sky truly is your limit!”

Wai’s Words: I believe with every bone in my body that God commands everything including the institutions on earth. No matter what anyone says to you or about you, no matter what the rules of the land you live in are, when God says yes, nobody can say no!


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  1. helen boayue says:

    love this!! to God be the glory


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