He’s Our Ever Faithful Father

“My Story is about the point in my life that I knew God really answer prayers and he answers to mine too.
Writing the CPA exam was one of the things I feared most in my life(if you know me then you know I’m afraid of a lot things). My fear was based on how teachers and students talked about it and how I suck at standardized test (absolutely dread them). 
It was 2013 December, I was sitting at the Holy Ghost congress and Daddy G.O said we should take a moment and ask God for one thing. My exam was years away but I was so afraid of writing this exam that prayed about it 2 years before I had to sit for it. I prayed “God I hate taking exams and it will completely break me if I had to retake just one part of the exam, please help me pass these exams the first time I take them.
Fast forward to 2015, I was about to graduate and I had to take my exam soon. My school has a program where you study for the CPA exam and sit for it simultaneously. However, to sit for the CPA exam you have to have 150 credit hours. I had only 148 hours so I couldn’t sit for it While studying in school. I felt like my prayers were waste of time. I felt like I was going to struggle to pass this exam and it will take everything I have to pass it . 

A week before graduation I get a phone call. It was an unknown number and I wasn’t going to pick up but I was moved to pick it up . It was my job asking if I wanted to move my start date a couple of months forward to study and sit for the exam and I was going to get paid I’m like yes!!! sign me up! 
I was the happiest person ever until the day of my graduation. I get a call back, and I couldn’t join the program cause of my visa status. It was like the Devil was playing games with me. My sister just came in that day,  I told her about the call and she said ” pray that whatever the devil has stolen be replaced back in your life”. Graduation weekend had ended and as I was going to bed on that Sunday I remembered what my sister said so I prayed ” God I don’t know any fancy scripture but I know whatever you do in a persons life remains permanent”. The next day I get a call saying I will be able to participate after all but I’ll miss 2 weeks.
I decided to start studying on July 7 and I felt like I was about to climb a mountain that was too big for me. The weekend before was the RCCG convention for North America. I attended the last day and I didn’t hear anything cause of where I was seating but I heard Daddy G.O say ” there is someone here today God told me to tell you your victory is afoot”. I felt it was me I claimed it and held on to it. Went back home to start studying and I wrote what he said down on paper and It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it. 

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭55:11‬‬‬. 

Whenever I got discouraged or tired or just felt like this mountain was too high I would look up to the piece of paper and remember what God said. 

I wrote the first 2 papers and whenever I would look to check my grade I remembered what God said and Isaiah 55:11 and I checked…. I passed. I wrote the 3rd one I passed. I there was a break of about a month before I took the last one . The program had ended and I started work. I barely had time to study and I was mentally out of it . I got to the exam and I literally was guessing on some answers. I was tired and I didn’t care anymore. Before I checked the results I was like” God you tried 3/4 isn’t bad I really appreciate how far you brought me like if I don’t pass I won’t be upset at all I didn’t try as much I did for the others”. I checked my result and I passed!!! 4/4 all in the first seating in 4 months. 
This is an exam that takes some people years to complete. This is an exam that some people retake parts. Here I was done in 4 months.
God answered my prayer from 2 years ago. God kept his word and I was victorious . I had fear and doubt but God was faithful. The little faith I had moved the mountain I thought I could never see the top of.
Nothing is impossible for God.Even when we loose faith and want to give up God is still faithful. Just have faith in him.”

Wai’s Words:

God is never late! Remember, we may be hard pressed on every side but we are not crushed (2 Corinthians 4:8) God always comes through even when it seems like He isn’t working, just hold on and be steadfast. 


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