Little Prayers & Mustard Seed Faiths


“I don’t know if this is weird, but I enjoy running to catch planes…Lool. My brother and I went to Portugal for a few days and it was time to head back home and as usual, I found a way to make us leave an hour before the plane was meant to take off. We got to the train station and waited for our train to arrive but it was delayed. The train finally got to the platform and I guess I was so happy that I forgot my HANDBAG on the chair and just walked into the train!! . About 10 mins into the ride, I realized my hand felt light. I then realized my bag was actually not with me. Luckily, the train doors opened immediately I realized and I jumped out of the train. I didn’t know where to start from. I had to calm myself down and then went up to the ticket office. I had faith that they were going to find the bag. However, if I wanted to be realistic it wasn’t possible.


  1. Lisbon- Portugal is known for a lot stealing
  2. It had my laptop, phone, passport and money( My life basically). So even if I found it, I expected just the bag empty.


I was just praying to God that the ticket officers find the bag through the CCTV cameras. I got to the ticket office and next thing they couldn’t speak English. I was just like you know what “Temi ba mi le ni, Shebi you don’t like to stay in one place.God has caught you…Lool”. My sign language skills went from 0 to 100 real quick and I looked mad. I had to run, point at someone’s bag, then look for something brown because it was a brown bag. Drag them down to a platform and describe myself waiting for a train and forgetting my bag and then CRYING so they realise I lost it and not think I’m mad.


In between all of this I had no idea where my brother was and there was no way to reach him and his phone wasn’t working. They found my bag and luckily he was wise enough to go back to the station where I lost it. Apparently a cute old couple found the bag and handed it in.God bless them. God came through big time, the officials were like, they still do not know how no one stole the bag and no single thing in it was missing and yes our flight was also delayed so everything worked out. I still have another testimony on the missing phone, but I will save that for another day….Be of good faith guys xxxx”

Wai’s words:

I believe in the Holy Spirit and His ability to help and guide us even with the littlest of things. We shouldn’t be afraid to ask for His help.


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