Double Honor Instead of Shame!

My academic journey after High school has been relatively rocky. As a matter of fact, it’s been the opposite of what I expected as at when I was still in High School. You see, I loved school and almost everything  ‘schoolish’, I had a strong passion for my future career and my grades were great! So it made sense that I expected to be enrolled in a good university right after High School. Plot twist- life didn’t turn out that way, event after event led me to start university January this year- a full year and a half after my high school graduation.

At this point, I was pretty content. I had gotten over everything that had already happened and I was excited about the future.
I was enrolled at the University of Toronto and I had missed the first semester because I didn’t get my visa on time. Because of this, I was doing a lot of catching up, settling in yadda yadda yadda. But all of it was okay because as I said I was excited about the future.

Everything was good until my mom made it clear she couldn’t keep up with the tuition (My tuition was over $40k), not because she didn’t want to, but because she simply couldn’t. When she told me, of course, first instinct was to have faith. I felt everything had finally started falling into place, no way it could come crumbling down. She continued to tell me that there really wasn’t a way she was going to pay and we should be exploring options. I obeyed and started research but in my head, I was like Nah, something would come up. I even dreamt up stories of one benefactor that would come and give me $40k he wasn’t using.

Fast forward and nothing happened. I had looked into different things and found nothing. At this point, I was losing faith. The semester was starting soon and if I wasn’t enrolled in classes I wouldn’t be ‘legally’ allowed to remain in Canada! I LOVE Nigeria but I couldn’t see myself going back without anything accomplished! Thankfully, the Holy Spirit was there the whole time telling me things like “Instead of shame, you will have double honor”, “Never have I seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread”. I continued speaking these things over my life and over my future, telling God that I submit to His will.

One week before school was to start and I had no solution still. At this point, I wasn’t really even praying. My Bible Study life was down. I felt discouraged. I wasn’t angry at God. No, I trusted He had a plan. I was angry at myself. I was sure I had done something wrong. Maybe God was speaking and I wasn’t listening, maybe I didn’t do something I should have done.

And then the week ended, it was Friday, school started Tuesday, and still NOTHING! So that Friday night, I went to Church and after the service, I walked up to my pastor’s wife and told her. She told me firmly that it was going to work out. On Sunday she had me speak to someone else that went through something similar and this person advised me. She said “Have you tried Humber College? They have Bachelor programs there too. Go there, in person, don’t call, just go there and explain to them.” It felt like a long shot but I went on THE FIRST DAY of school (Please note in worldly terms my time was up). I got there and as expected some people thought I was not serious sauntering in on the first day and expecting a place in a Bachelors program that semester! Lol!

Anyway, I just happened to meet the person in charge of student recruitment from Africa!!! She said “Oh wow! I’m the person that has to sort your application anyway. Here, take my email complete everything you need to do for your application today and email me when it’s all done and I’ll get the people at admissions to make a decision on you ASAP” I didn’t believe it! I did what she said and THE NEXT DAY I got accepted!

In the end, everything worked out great! Definitely not what I expected but way better! God gave me peace about everything! The transition was smooth. My new tuition is less than half of my old one and on top of that I prefer the program I’m taking at Humber College to what I was doing at the University of Toronto. I literally got double honor instead of shame! I feel more enthusiastic and passionate where I am now than where I was! I really couldn’t be more thankful to God not just for the school thing but mainly for always keeping His word.

Wai’s Words:

I am so thankful and honored to be the person to share these amazing testimonies on behalf of everyone. I see God show up everytime and it is soo humbling, i am truly grateful. I believe that faith even as little as a mustard seed can move mountains but we also need to walk in obedience in order to activate our faith.


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