Things I’ve learned about my hair (Retaining & Growing my Hair)

I have been 3 years natural now and I recently put up a picture on Instagram letting you all know the struggles I have faced with my hair and I said I would let you in on what I’ve learned from the struggle, so here you go 🙂

PS: I customized the writing to what my hair likes and doesn’t like but you can interpret these as the do’s and don’ts to retaining your length and even helping it grow.

Finger Detangling: My hair really hates it when I use combs or brushes to detangle, my hair literally just keeps falling off so I have kept that to a minimum. I only use tools when my hair is super matted or when I’m washing my hair with shampoo which is pretty much like once a month

My hair is super thirsty: I drench my hair with water every other day, and just spray my hair on other days when my hair is out. This helps to keep my hair moisturized.


My hair loves protective styles: I pretty much do my hair myself or I get someone I trust to do it (and I keep a watchful eye on them) this allows my hair to rest while I am active. Protective styles can also be detrimental to your hair if you keep them in for too long. I typically do non tension protective styles like twists (with my hair, wearing wigs) but when I know I’m not going to have the time to take care of it, I do braids (with extensions) I keep my hair clean under those conditions by cleaning with apple cider vinegar.

My hair likes to be: which means it doesn’t like it when my hands are constantly in my hair. I subconsciously pull at my hair which obviously breaks it


My hair loves oils: I noticed that whenever I oiled my hair it responded so well. Coconut oil is like my holy grail. I suggest studying your hair and figuring out what kinds of oils work for you. What might be good for your hair

Thank you for reading!

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