God Fixes at Night and Joy Comes in the Morning.

“Ever since I wrote my final exam paper all I could think about was my graduation day. To me graduating from the University is the first major milestone in one’s academic career. I would, however, have to wait an extra six months, as my graduation was set for November 18th.  During my months of staying at home, I would watch my friends and their families as they shared their graduation celebration and achievement on various social platforms. All these happenings only got me more excited. I began to imagine how my own graduation day would be, the suit and shoe I would wear and most importantly the happiness on my father’s face as he witnesses his last child’s graduation. So imagine how I felt when I got information that I wasn’t going to be graduating with my set mates after four years of rigorous work.

On the 1st of November, I got a call from my friend telling me that the graduation list was out and my name wasn’t on the list. Knowing my friend to be serial prankster I didn’t believe a word he said so I went to my universities online web portal to confirm for myself. There the university created a space where you type your name and student identification number to confirm whether you would be part of the students leaving their institution. I typed my name and identification number as instructed and waited for my slow Wi-Fi to load the subsequent page. To my greatest surprise it showed NO RECORDS EXISTS, I Immediately I felt like I was thrown into a vortex that would never end. In confusion I started packing my clothes and other stuff, I definitely had to be in Ghana as soon as possible to solve this issue that was brewing. I didn’t know how to start telling my family of the problem I was facing, I really didn’t know what to do. After gathering myself together I proceeded to pin point what was causing this problem. All my Nigerian mates doing a similar course had seen their name on the list so why wasn’t mine there also. I had no re-sits and I didn’t have any outstanding payments. The only thing I believed could be holding me back was a course where my script had mysteriously disappeared. While in school I had however questioned my course lecturer who was also the head of a department. He told me the course wasn’t compulsory and if it didn’t reflect on my student web I didn’t need to bother.

After having a sleepless night I decided to contact my classmate who was now working in the department as a teaching assistant to ask questions on my behalf. She came back with more dreadful news. She informed me that there was a new head of department and he deemed the course where my script had been misplaced as compulsory, and I would have to come back the following year to re-sit the course. I broke down totally and began to cry…. At that moment I knew I had to involve my parents in this matter. After revealing my problem to my mom she called the lecturer involved with the case and explained what was happening and how it was making me restless and heavily disturbed. The lecturer promised to take up the matter but I would have to wait till tomorrow as it was already closing time. I lost my appetite and retired to my room for the rest of the day. Before sleeping, I felt a serious urge to pray but the words to say wouldn’t come, I didn’t relent so I looked for a devotional book and looked for prayers that matched my situation. There I saw a prayer with the heading GOD HAS FIXED IT AT NIGHT, this was the prayer I surely needed. I skipped the bible reading and went straight to the closing prayer. After reciting it countless times I fell asleep with the hope that God will handle it overnight.

The following morning the lecturer called my mom and told her he wanted to speak with me. With an authoritative voice, the lecturer told me “Uche you will have to re-sit that course next year, are you sure you wrote that paper”. I calmly replied him telling him I had written the paper and he could check the attendance sheet my name would be there. He still insisted that I would have to re-sit the course. I don’t know why I didn’t get agitated or lose my temper like I normally would I just replied him saying” Thank you, sir”. I believed my problem was already solved even as I was being told more bad news. Few hours after our initial discussion the lecturer called my mom again but this time he was bearing good news he first apologized to me and my parents for sending us into this tumultuous path. He then followed up by saying that the matter would be resolved and come Friday my name would be included on the graduation list.  A large roar erupted from my family members as this yoke had finally been lifted off our backs. Come Friday my name was included on the graduation list and I could now look forward to my graduation. God fixed my problems at night and rose me up like the early morning sun.”

Wai’s Words:

God is so awesome, the one thing I’ve come to realize with Him is that he never puts us to shame as long as we trust in Him. Don’t let the Devil steal your Joy because if He does, he can surely steal your destiny.


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