My God of Details

God is a God of details. The things we think don’t matter to Him do. We get caught up asking for ‘big’ things from God that we imagine some things are too insignificant for Him to do.

I have 2 stories about God’s awesome attention to detail and how He shows his power in the ‘insignificant’ situations.

On a certain day in December 2016, I took the day off work. I had absolutely no intention of leaving home that day. My plan was to be in bed all day but satan life happened. My iPhone started giving me problems. I tried to fix it by opening up the phone then the whole screen just stopped working. I remember throwing the phone at the wall out of frustration and then it went completely dead. I knew I had to find a way to fix it as I needed the phone handy. Now, the only place I could fix it was at Slot in Marina because the engineers there had done some work on my phone not too long before then and I still had the warranty if the phone misbehaved. The problem here was I had no way of getting to Marina from home. Could not drive and my phone had gone off so I could not call an Uber nor contact anyone. I tried logging onto my iCloud to retrieve numbers so I could perhaps find a way to contact someone but then iCloud was telling me to insert a ‘two-factor authentication code’ sent to my number. I think there’s a level after frustration where you are not just frustrated anymore. You just give up. That was exactly the kind of morning I was having. I was not even angry or sad. I had just given up. I stepped out of the house and saw one of our neighbours whom I had never spoken to before then and convinced myself to approach her. I ask her if she could call an Uber for me with the cash option. She started calling the Uber when I realised I had only N1,500 cash on me. Now to get from my house to Marina will cost N2,400 on average if there is no traffic. I told her not to bother calling the Uber and asked if she knew a taxi guy that would agree to take me to Marina for N1,500 as I was not entertaining the idea of withdrawing any money.

She called her taxi guy and he said the least he will go to Marina for was N3,000. LOL. I apologetically asked her to just call an Uber for me all the while talking to God and asking why He was doing this to me. The Uber arrived in no time and off we went. As we approached third mainland bridge, there was TRAFFIC. I could not even laugh. As earlier said, my house to Marina on a traffic free day will cost N2,400 on average. Here I was, stuck in traffic with N1,500.

As we approached Marina, we got into another serious traffic. Once I could see the Slot building, I told him to end the trip and I would walk to the building. I had not even had my bath that morning. Walking the streets of my office in that state. As he held his phone to end the trip, I felt like running away because I was dreading what the cost will be. He ended the trip and showed me his phone. This normally 20-minute trip that took almost an hour due to the heavy traffic was ended and the fare was N1,500!!! I still shake when I think about this experience. I still cannot explain what happened that day. God can do ANYTHING! I added another name to his many names when worshipping him. In the midst of calling Him; Almighty, The I am that I am, Emmanuel, I added manipulator of Uber metres!!! It made no sense. I started crying as the trip ended. God allowed that traffic to be there to prove Himself. Ordinarily, at that time of the day, there should not be traffic but I was there in heavy traffic just because God had something brewing. My God of details. Great and Mighty God. He is really worthy to be praised!


This phone of mine decided to act up once again on the 7th of January 2017. I once again tried to open it to see what the problem was . With the number of times I have had to fix my phone, I felt qualified to do it by myself. As I opened it and closed it back, the phone did come on but the bottom part of the screen wasn’t working. If you use an iPhone, it is basically the last line of the phone where you have smileys, punctuations and the space to type messages. Just that last part wasn’t working so I basically could not reply messages or use punctuations or anything. I decided that I was not going to fix this phone in 2017. It could stay like that. I kept managing the phone like that and doing what I could do on it. However, God saw the frustration I faced using a phone I couldn’t type messages on.

On the 16th of January 2017, I had a dream. My dream was just a random dream about me missing a make-up appointment on Christmas day and the make-up artist kept calling to express her anger about me making her work on Christmas day and not showing up. In the midst of all the shouting in the dream and totally unrelated to the issue at hand, I heard a still voice say this to me, ‘Eunice, take your phone off portrait-orientation lock’. I woke up immediately but went to the bathroom first. I processed what I just heard then went to get my phone and took it off portrait-orientation lock. The screen rotated and I could do everything I was not able to do. I had used this phone for a whole week without it occurring to me to just rotate the screen. Once again, my God is a God of details and the minutest things about our lives matter to Him. PRAISE THE LORD!

Wai’s Words: 1 Peter 5: 7 tells us to cast all our cares (not some) on Him because he cares for us.  God loves us, and the things that upset us upsets him too! No matter how tiny you think your problem is, commit it to his hands and step back and watch how Him be faithful. Remember, “All” things!


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  1. ms_iyaloo says:

    Aahhh thesenare two beautiful testimonies. How great is our God? 🙂 Thank you for this post.

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