That Crazy Thing They Call Faith


“You’re Crazy!”


People exaggerate all the time. I know this for sure because when people say “if I had a dollar anytime this happened, or that happened”, they honestly would end up with only about $5; but then, they make it seem like the said event happens so often that they may even have a shot at becoming millionaires from the combined collections of their $1 offence jars. In order not to end up like one of them, I can honestly tell you that if I had a dollar for every time people said I was crazy or looked at me as if I were crazy, particularly for my college major-minor combination, I should be coming up to about $1,062.


You see, I am one of those (annoying?) people who always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. From the tender age of 5, I told my mom that I wanted to be a doctor (a pediatrician to be precise but after babysitting for an entire summer, I had to re-evaluate). Of course, I had periods when I was convinced that I could become anything I wanted to be (thanks, mom and dad :)), and so I’ve wanted to be an actress, a model, the President of the US (which is ridiculous considering that I’m not even from the States) and, in my best phase yet, a “mom”. But it was never any of those professions alone, it was always a model AND a doctor, or an actress AND a doctor. So you see why it bugged me so much when I was told (by professors, advisors, mentors and people who were supposed to have my back) that I was crazy for my major-minor choice, and that there was no way I could graduate with that combination (especially graduate in four years and with good grades).



“I’m Crazy!”


I really am. I am not denying the fact that my brain works in very complex, funny, silly and interesting ways. However, I think the real struggle was actually accepting that I am indeed crazy, and being comfortable with the gift of craziness only God could have bestowed. So how did I get to this point of (reluctant) acceptance? Well, I must tell you exactly why people thought I was crazy in the first place.


Last May, I GRADUATED (yup *sips tea*) with a major in Nursing, a minor in Chemistry, and a Pre-Med concentration with honors. I did not come into college with the decision to do all of these, but the more people questioned my decision to do Nursing and Pre-Med, the more I added more specialties. It was as if I was a stubborn academic masochist– the more people told me I could not do it, the more determined I became, picking up minors, volunteer experiences, jobs and honors as I went by. This all happened in four years, with no summer or online classes (in retrospect, and to those that know me, this is such a baffling experience only God could have ordained because ya girl likes to play and TRAVEL too much).


I got into college hoping to complete my Pre-Med requirements, with no major in mind. When it dawned on me that I would have to pick a major (as Pre-Med is not a major in the US) I randomly picked Nursing. I thought about Psychology, Writing, and English but I felt the need to choose Nursing. At that point, the decision was based on the fact that nursing was the closest thing to medicine, and just in case this crazy girl needs a break before med school (which I ended up needing/ I’m still on said break), that would be a good paying job that I would actually enjoy. However, God had WAY bigger plans for me. How was I to know that I would fall in love with the notion of holistic patient-centered care and medical missions– two things that make sense with nursing as a good foundation? Or that my clinical experiences as a nursing major will open my heart to my vocation, where my deepest passions and the deepest needs of the world intersect?


Nevertheless, I still had my doubts. How do I know if this is possible when I have never heard of anyone who did this before? (God was going to teach me that sometimes, precedence is irrelevant). But like I said, I’m crazy.


“Faith is Crazy!” 

Sometimes, we have random thoughts that end up becoming dreams, but as humans, we have huge blind spots the size of Texas (or an SUV; I’m talking about you spring break 2k16 rental car, lol). These blind spots limit our vision to see only what we can achieve or what we may be able to achieve with the right amount of determination. However, I believe that when God gets involved, we have dreams that we cannot begin to comprehend. Those dreams sound stupid to others, but to those involved, to you and God, they are achievable.  


Therefore, my miracle(s) can be summarized with a simple sentence- God made ways for the impossible to become possible. He created classes that would shape me into becoming a better human, while counting for three requirements all at once; He made professors, whom I had never even met, fall in love with me and my cause; He made me realize that without Him, the hard work and determination which I rely on so much is not enough, and frankly, nonexistent in the first place; He provided in ways I cannot explain; He made me cry and laugh and smile and giggle. He made me experience fear. He made me experiment with “mustard seed faith”. And through it all, He gave me good grades, great friends and an even better song to sing.


You might want to know specific details, or the aftermath of this crazy adventure, but does it really matter? I think what matters most is that God was able to clearly and unapologetically prove to me that when he gives you big dreams, He will also give you ways to accomplish them. He taught me that waiting may be difficult, but joy really does come in the morning.


I struggle with posing this cliché phrase in a non-cliché way, but this is the word I got from the Lord, and I have to say it as it is, cliché and all:

Keep on keeping on friend. It’s gonna be a brighter day!



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