God Always Comes Through

Hello. My name is Ife and I’m an enthusiastic accountant; like, numbers literally give me an unexplainable joy. I’m about to share a little story with you about one time God came through for me. I hope you are blessed and you learn a thing or two.


At the end of May 2017, I lost my job. I had never been that shocked in my entire adult life; I was too numb to process anything. I went to my space, took my personal stuff and walked out without a word. In a few minutes, my colleagues were downstairs; everyone had a thing or two to say about how unfair they thought it was, how I shouldn’t be so sad, how it wasn’t the end of the world and all.

As I left that day, I had a strong conviction that I was going to be home for a month. It seemed plausible; probably because my interpretation was “a month of rest…then the wait would begin.” Little did I know. I just sat there staring, I couldn’t get more than a few words out at a time but somehow, I kept saying “it’s okay”.

Technically, my career was over! Or so I thought. I mean, who would want to hire someone who was fired from a trainee position?  When I could finally get a full sentence out, I called Papa (my uncle) to inform him. I texted my boyfriend and then called my dear friend. I called my Mum on the way home.

*Point: I accepted the reality. I couldn’t afford to live in denial of what had just happened.

I’ve practically been a Christian all my life so knowing I should trust God was more or less default; that didn’t exactly make it easy though. When I got home, I told one of my sisters and she said “do they realize they worked you like a  slave?” (she had only been back home for about twelve days at the time). My boyfriend came over and we took a walk to the neighborhood store to get cookies and Ribena (happy food). He was pretty worried because I still wasn’t saying much…more like I still wasn’t processing. Then I talked to Papa about everything (a micro version).

*Point: Let people who genuinely want to be there for you be. Don’t push people away.

The next few days passed in a blur…with people calling and colleagues texting to be sure I was okay. I just slept and ate and read a novel for the most part. I was still running on auto-pilot at this time. I knew everything was going to be okay…eventually.

A few people asked what I would do next…I honestly didn’t have the slightest clue.

The following week, one beautiful Monday morning, the realization hit me. I was actually unemployed. The tears came then…all at once. According to my boyfriend, it was time to let go of all the things I had in my head, and let God. In that moment, I surrendered everything.

*Point: “…by strength shall no man prevail.” Also, let the people God has placed in your life help you.

Then I started  applying. I had weekly targets. I told some of my friends in my field that I was looking for another job. Days passed. No replies. No interviews. And somehow, I slowed down. I don’t know why, but I did. One night, at about 11pm, a friend called to tell me her office was recruiting and I should send her my resume. Someone from the Company called about a week later to inform me that the interview was the following day at 5pm. I went. They called me about a week later to come for my offer letter, and to resume the following week.

And that was it.

The day I was asked to leave from my old job to the day I accepted the offer at the new job was exactly a month. And it wasn’t just another job; it was by far, a better one. That could only have been God.




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  1. peacepnelson says:

    This is sooooo amazing. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us, my amiable course rep that year


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