Moringa x Olive Oil

Hey there!

So, I am spilling the tea on Moringa. Today was wash day, after my ‘3 week sade- adu inspired didi braids’ I finally took out them braids! I quickly realized that my hair was in desperate need of a deep condition, so I decided to use a mix of moringa and olive oil as a pre-poo to treat the dryness.


**I have written about olive oil in a previous post, so I won’t bore you by reiterating the information.  You can find it  here if you need to.


Moringa can be found in Africa and South Asia. I think this gem here is overlooked to be honest. Since I found out about it, I have been hooked. I put it in my smoothies, juices, food, pretty much everything lol. It has more vitamin A, iron, vitamin C, calcium, protein,  and potassium than you would typically get in food, fruits, and vegetables like milk, carrots, bananas, oranges, spinach etc.


Besides being super nutritious  when consumed, Moringa is also a great hair conditioner. It helps to promote hair growth  by preventing breakage, split ends, and dandruff. It keeps your hair shiny and healthy. It has the amino acids needed for keratin protein production, and the vitamins in it help to prevent dryness and hair loss. It also helps to circulate oxygen around your body which opens up your hair follicles.

The Oil vs The Powder.

Both can be consumed and also used for hair, although the oil would be better for everyday use on the hair compared to the powder. I typically would use the powder as a deep conditioner, of course paired with another oil (depending on what I am trying to achieve).

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To summarize, moringa is and should be a staple in everyone’s household. It has too many amazing properties to keep being overlooked. From Its antioxidants to its ability to lower blood sugar levels, moringa is the way to go.


Tip: This mix is super oily, therefore when you’re in the bathroom, be really careful so you don’t slip and fall.




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