Damaged Hair- Causes and Care Tips 

Some of you may look at hair bloggers and think that our hair is perfect. Truth is its anything but. we have the same struggles with split ends, ragged edges and dry hair. The difference I think is that we just take the time and effort to make our hair (damaged as it were) work for us.

my curls on dry hair, just recovering from split-ends 
my edges are finally growing back but they’ve been through it!

Here are some of the things that can cause hair damage:

1. The weather: Since moving back to Lagos, I have noticed a decline in that my hair growth. it became drier as the months passed by and also kept breaking. This I figured has a lot to do with the humidity. Humidity makes our hair less flexible and more prone to breakage. To prevent breakage due to the weather, its best to keep your hair moisturized frequently.

2. Over-shampooing: Yes it is possible to over shampoo your hair. using shampoos strip our hair of its natural oils and over time can make our hair look dull. I shampoo my hair every other week or two to prevent this from happening. you also don’t want to not shampoo your hair cause that can lead to building up.

3. Heat and Manipulation: I honestly don’t think I need to sound the alarm again, but for the sake of those who still don’t know, I shall. Using heat on your hair is one of the major causes of damage to the hair. Protective styles can also be a culprit. when your braids are too tight or leave out isn’t properly cared for, the damage is inevitable.

Now, here are some ways to care for your hair when its damaged

1. Deep Condition/ protein treatment as often as you can

2. Low Manipulation Hairstyles are key. when you do your braids, try not to hold on too tightly.

3. Trim Regularly: I trim my hair every 6 months, if I have split ends, then I try to trim more often as needed.

4. I know laying our baby hair is very important, but we need to be very careful with our use of gel, and the intensity of our brushing. you still want to have hair to lay, don’t you?

my hair after a deep condition (banana + olive oil + honey)

Hope these few tips helped!




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